Gather ’round!

We  transformed an existing 16-unit apartment complex near the center of town into an intentional ownership community that is multi-generational, mixed income, ecologically responsive and socially engaging.

The Fifth Street Commons is made up of:

  • Eleven two-bedroom units and five one-bedroom units  (all owned and occupied)
  • A Common House with a shared living room, kitchen, dining area, laundry room, and guest room
  • Workshop and storage
  • Permaculture-inspired gardens and landscaping
  • Private yards and shared outdoor spaces
  • 6.4kW photovoltaic solar system

TEN slides /TEN minutes

Ross Chapin and JR Fulton told our story at the Green Building Slam at University of Washington’s Kane Hall. The sold-out event was hosted by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild to present their selection of the ten best projects in eco-design and building in this part of the world.

It takes a village to build a Bridge Tower

What do you get when you combine inspiration with old cable spools from Whidbey Telecom, used fire hoses, a grain silo, the front end of an old Dodge truck, part of an old row boat, and a whole lot of community effort? You get a one-of-a-kind play structure that’s described in more detail in this article in Whidbey Life Magazine. You can watch the Bridge Tower being built in the time-lapse video below.

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