Unit for Sale

Open House on Saturday, December 15th, 1-3 p.m.

We are looking for the right folks to join our intentional community in the heart of Langley!

This second-floor unit has two bedrooms, one bath, and measures 700 square feet. The unit has bamboo floors, a mini-split energy-efficient heater/air conditioner, and a balcony and deck that have peek-a-boo water views. There is small, extra room, accessed from the outside, that can be used for an office, workshop, art studio, or storage. A pet-friendly small yard has espalier trees and is part of a fenced area that is shared by four units—two of which have canine inhabitants.

The Fifth Street Commons is a cohousing community that includes 16 self-contained condos with carports and solar-electric common house that features a shared laundry room and guest room, as well as a kitchen, dining room, living room, and 3/4 bathroom that can be used for gatherings. Other community features include a shared storage room and workshop, steampunk play structure, organic garden, worm bins, and recycling shed.

We have once-a-month work-parties/meetings, weekly happy-hour gatherings, planned potlucks, and are a pretty cool group of folks aged 12 months to over 70 years.

Everything in the seaside village of Langley is within an easy walk, including the post office, Star Store, coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, and beach. There is a bus stop a block away.

Floorplan is a mirror image of this one
Living room
Kitchen and dining alcove
Larger bedroom
Smaller bedroom
Recently remodeled bathroom
No other unit has an additional deck like this one
View to Common House and courtyard
View from ground to this unit

Price: $220,000

If this opportunity appeals to you, please contact us and come to the open house.


Can I rent the unit?

We are working to maintain the owner-to-renter ratio that banks require for financing. Because we currently have the maximum number of renters, we cannot rent more units. Therefore, this unit is for sale.

What is expected of residents in the community?

We work together to steward our shared areas, including the grounds and garden, Common House, building exteriors, carports, parking lot, fencing, recycling, and other areas. We meet monthly to discuss and make decisions that impact us all. Residents are expected to participate in work parties and meetings.

What kind of activities do you take part in as a community?

In addition to work parties and meetings, we have frequent planned and spontaneous social gatherings and potlucks.

What type of buyers are you looking for?

Because we value diversity, we are looking for multigenerational balance. At the moment, a young family would bring the greatest balance to our community.

Do we have to have previous experience living in cohousing?

No, but you need to be community-minded. The Fifth Street Commons is a village within a village. For most of human history, people lived in small groups like this one. The fact that the Fifth Street Commons is located within the town of Langley is an added benefit.

Here’s a series of questions from another cohousing community that can help you determine whether cohousing is a fit for you.

Did you all decide to become a community together?

No. Most cohousing communities start out that way, but our history is different.

Do you share regular meals?

Many cohousing communities do, but we do not. We have scheduled (once a month) and spontaneous potlucks.

Are you a commune?


Do you share a religion or belief system?


Are the condos self-contained?


Will the current owners finance the unit?


What are the HOA dues?

Dues of $198.50 per month include garbage and high-speed Wi-Fi.